Vertical Blinds:an Ideal Solution for a Large Windows and Sliding Doors

January 3, 2018

Do you have a home or apartment with large windows or sliding doors? The best solution to cover your windows is the versatile Vertical Blind! A variety of styles and colors can give a great finishing touch to the windows and doors around your home or office.  What makes vertical blinds so practical and why do we love them?  Some reasons and advantages below:

Ideal for sliding doors – Finding a practical window covering for sliding glass doors or patio doors can prove to be difficult as they need to be opened from side-to-side. If you’re looking to cover a door that slides from side to side, the versatility of vertical blinds is extraordinary. Because of the design, a vertical blind is the best fit for large sliding doors. These are a perfect alternative where flat, horizontal blinds cannot be used.  With a vertical blind, you can easily access your sliding door and enjoy the outdoors.

 Ideal for big window-Big size windows or largely framed window coverings for wide windows can also prove challenging as the larger the window, the heavier the blind will be.  Very tall or very wide windows cannot be covered with one shade if you went for a different type of blind. The side-to-side function of a vertical blind is such that weight is not a concern!  If you want to take advantage of full daylight or outside views, simply tilt the vertical blinds slats to the fully open position.

Effortless to Cleaning- Vertical blinds don’t usually accumulate dust and dirt in the same way as horizontal blinds or shades do. Vertical blinds are excellent for eliminating dust build up, and this advantage makes it a great option for large door /windows for residents with allergies or dust sensitivities.

Style approach – Vertical blinds have the ability to control light, and some vertical blinds can effectively darken rooms when fully closed. It can be drawn to bring full light exposure or can be shut to increase privacy levels. Vertical blinds are well suited for both casual and formal decor. From retro to modern and for the style-conscious property owner there is a Vertical Blind which will complement the taste and aesthetic needs.

Affordable –Vertical blinds are one of the most affordable window coverings when compared to alternative blind products like a rollerblind, panel blind, roman blind and venetian blinds. Vertical blinds will be priced substantially lower and the most affordable options with the best quality, whether the doors/windows are a big size or standard size.


Gumtree Blinds provides you with blinds for custom sized windows. There is no “standard size” window so the blinds are made to measure and therefore fit your windows perfectly. Our mission is to be the top contributor to fashionable and well-designed high-quality window treatments that represent value to the customer. We generate a great shopping experience for our consumers by our product quality, innovation and service standards. Contact (08) 93092907 or for a free in-home consultation.

Why Choose Our Outdoor Blinds?

November 6, 2017

Most properties in Western Australia have an outdoor area of some description. Whether it be a small balcony on the 5th floor of an apartment block, a suburban alfresco area or a business with Alfreco Dining, People are choosing to install outdoor blinds for a number of reasons.

Enclosing an outdoor area has many benefits, some which include Privacy, Heat, UV, Wind and Rain Protection.

We have several types of Café blindsavailable in the Perth Design range. We onlyuse the highest quality fabrics for all ourCafé blinds and all come with a 5-yearGuarantee. We custom make the Caféblinds here in Perth, not just for theconvenience of local manufacturing, butmainly so we can make sure the quality isthe best it can be for every blind.Allcomponentry is marine graded & theycan be made with doorways or split for easy access. Gabled orcurved patios are no problem! Our blinds are custom made tosuit those difficult and tricky areas.

Ziptrak® Café Blinds – Premium Quality

Ziptrak® has no ropes, no straps,no buckles & is very easy to use. You canhave a manual control system or remotecontrolled too.Ziptrak® blinds keep areas warm in winterand cool in summer- so you can enjoy youroutdoor lifestyle no matter what theseason. Pull down and push up! It’s thatEASY to protect yourself from theelements with Ziptrak® track guided blindsystem.This Café blind has a unique Lockingbase rail that locks on both sides andhas the strongest and thickest base rail in Perth.

Channel Blinds – Mid Range

Channel Blinds havechannelling at the sides and crankgearbox operation. They come witha simple pocket and rod base withlock in pins. Available in Sunscreen fabric or PVC. Plus there are no ropesor pulleys!

Rope and Pulley - Budget Conscious Option
Quality fabrics are still used but this blind is the Traditional Style Rope and Pulley system.

At Gumtree Blinds we offer Premium Quality Outdoor Blinds with a variety of coloured Fabric. Our Outdoor Blinds are custom made for each unique requirement of a house. We ensure our customers get the best quality outdoor blinds at the best possible price. For an obligation-free consultation contact us on (08) 93092907.

5 Questions to Ask When Buying Outdoor Blinds in Perth WA

August 28, 2017

Buying outdoor blinds for your home in Perth WA can be a daunting task. But how do you know what would be the best kind of blind for your residential area? Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to narrow down which blinds to choose and where to buy them:

 1. What Size Blinds Would Be Perfect for Your Home?

Depending upon the size of your outdoor space, you should choose from whether large blinds would be perfect or the smaller ones would work well.

2. Should You Consider a DIY Installation?

Even the most confident DIYers should consider professional help, when it comes to installation of outdoor blinds in Perth. Usually professional blind manufacturers and installers will provide a free, no-obligation quote for your home. Your living space will be measured professionally to make sure your blinds are perfectly customized to your home and your requirements 

3. Which One Should You Choose – Manual or Motorized?

With so many different varieties of blinds on the market, once you have chosen your favorite style of outdoor blinds, the next choice is to choose from the manual or motorized. Usually, motorized blinds are the great option for an additional degree of safety without any involvement of cord as well as for a higher ease of access. They are simple to operate with a remote control and can either be installed on a wall and can be operated both from inside or outside.

 4. Which Supplier Should You Trust upon?

It’s highly recommended that you should do your homework when choosing a professional outdoor blinds supplier in Perth WA. However, you need to choose outdoor blinds supplier not solely based on their cost but their reputation and customer service as well.

 5. Is this Environment friendly?

While you select the blind you must take care that the blind must be trendy, weatherproof and durable! Be it Monsoon or Winter or Hot summer it is easy to maintain and repair and  keep you away from unplanned costs.

6. Do Your Blinds Available With a Warranty?

Usually outdoor blinds come up with some form of warranty; so it’s necessary that you should check with your potential suppliers as to what they can offer.

Conclusion –

Are you still undecided about what style of roller blinds will suit your outdoor space? Can’t choose between manually operated or motorized outdoor blinds in Perth or nearby town? Contact Gumtree blinds for Outdoor blinds, Polyresin based shutters, vertical blinds for your residential & commercial premises in West Australian.  For the purchase of outdoor blinds in West Australian or visit their Checkout thefull selection of products and specifications and services at www.

Why You Should Think of Investing in Vertical Blinds of Perth

June 3, 2017

Vertical blinds of Perth can be an economic alternative for window screening which not all of you give any serious thought to. They make a better option when it comes to keep the sunlight out and add an appeal to your home décor. Many of you may feel amazed to know that investing in vertical blinds provide great value in return. By giving a modern touch to rooms and fitting well to sliding patio doors and windows, they can enhance your experience in many more ways than your expectation.

Being Australian Made, these are Blinds built for Australian condition, so you have every peace in mind while using these blinds at your home or offices. Those of you living in rental homes need low priced yet attractive blinds to cover the windows and control the natural light pouring through it. Sun rays should be filtered and enter into the home in an ideal volume otherwise it may build up heat inside and start to discolor and destroy furniture with continuous exposure. However, vertical blinds of WA can diminish this possibility. They can effectively reduce, deflect and even obstruct the harmful UV rays. The vertical blinds of Perth are easy to install and easy to care/maintain items that come in an exclusive range of track colors and fabrics to give you more choice for window screening and save you from the rising heating and air conditioning expenses.

When you keep the windows screened with quality vertical blinds of WA, less amount of heat will get away from the room. It will result in lower energy bills at the end of the year. Additionally, these blinds have great health effect too. By lowering the sunrays in your room, vertical blinds assure to minimize the instances of eye strains and headaches. With them you can enjoy to create a perfectly soothing ambiance for study and relaxation. Vertical blinds not just have the capacity to decrease the glare but also make television watching to be less challenging and more pleasant.

The vertical blinds of have an easier to use wand structure that bends over the slats and pulls them back and run on the track smoothly. You can even pick up the chainless weight varieties in which the slats won’t interweave on each other and interrupt the movement of blinds. What’s more, you will enjoy great control over the room privacy, and lighting with filter and passage of right amount of natural light into it.

Many of you have hardly thought of investing in vertical blinds of Perth and enjoying its multiple benefits. They save you from the chore of dusting and cleaning and ensure low maintenance cost with added health benefits. With them, you can avoid the harmful effect of UV rays, headache and air conditioning hassle. With these and many more advantages, why you should not think of investing in vertical blinds in Perth as they are perfect for you.

No matter whether you need blind solutions for casual or formal living, Vertical blinds from Gumtree Blinds will be the right answer. You will have to select them in the desired fabric and slat sizes to create a perfectly soothing ambiance in home or office.  For screening sliding glass doors as well as large windows, nothing can be effective like vertical blinds from Gumtree blinds. It has a great collection of light filtering and controlling vertical blinds to match all kind of home decor. To apply for a free quote on vertical blinds, Gumtree Blinds can be reached at 08 9309 2907.

Why Roller Blinds Are Perfect For Window Covering?

March 6, 2017

Today a great number of homeowners prefer to have roller blinds installed in their home due to their attractive & fresh looking designs. As roller blinds are very versatile in nature, they can enhance any kind of interior decoration. They’re also quite functional in terms of blocking out light or controlling light.

There’re different kinds of roller blinds available including light filtering roller blinds, blockout roller blinds, and sunscreen roller blinds. All these materials are accessible in diverse colors & designs. Furthermore, they’ve exceptional UV ratings which safeguard the costly furnishing in your home.

What are the different type of roller blinds available for different rooms?

Bedroom: When it comes to bedroom,  blockout roller blinds looks to be the most ideal option out there. Blockout fabrics are really great at providing privacy & blocking out undesired light either throughout the day or at night. You can relish higher degree of privacy in your bedroom when you roll down the blind.

Kitchen: Blockout & sunscreen textiles are the 2 most favored option for kitchen windows. You choice will be highly determined by the degree of solitude you wish. Kitchen windows are perfectly covered with waterproof materials since the kitchen area is considered as a damp area.

Living Rooms: Majority home owners employ 3 kinds of roller fabrics collectively for their living rooms. They may employ combination brackets & set up dual roller blinds to allow the use of any roller when required. The sunscreen option is generally employed throughout the day-time when the sun is dazzling & blockout option is employed at night when darkness approaches.

Office: Office rooms generally have sunscreen roller blinds fitted on their windows. This is due to the fact that they’re efficient at decreasing sun blaze and heat during the day-time when there’s excessive sunlight. Blockout roller blinds are also ideal for conference rooms where light diminution may be essential.

Bathrooms: Bathroom always need a greater level of privacy, therefore blockout materials are the most preferred ones. While selecting blind materials for bathrooms, keep in mind that these are damp areas. Light filtering roller blinds could also be perfect for bathrooms since they provide both privacy and light.

The actual reason to select roller blinds as window covering is their durability. Furthermore, they’are easy to take care of as they don’t ruffle or fade. Roller blinds are also washable and are dust-proof, however cleaning must be done only with water, since any chemical or similar product can damage the roller blinds.

Why to Invest on Durable Vertical Blinds for your Home in Perth?

January 20, 2017

Do you want to add a touch of class and elegance to your home in Perth, WA? On the eve of Christmas and New Year, you will love to give your home a new look by considering a versatile and durable window treatment. When you are looking for a durable and elegant blind or window treatment, then choosing vertical blinds will prove to be the right addition to your home in Perth, WA.

If you are still not convinced to buy the vertical blinds as your window covering, then please have a look at the great reasons that will help in making the right choice:

1. Best for the Large Windows:

Do you have a large window? Then it will prove to be worth in investing on the vertical window coverings. The vertical blinds can easily cover a large and spacious window and offer you an easy opening or closing operation.

2. Enjoy a Stylish Addition:

If you are looking for a stylish and functional blind, then buying the vertical blinds will prove to be worth. These types of blinds or window coverings not only enhances the interior aesthetics of the home, but also offers excellent control over the light flowing into the room as well as also assures a great level of privacy.

2. Proves to be Cost-Effective:

You can enjoy an inexpensive way of decorating your home on the eve of the Christmas and New Year by installing the vertical blinds. Investing on the vertical blinds will prove to be worth that will assure huge saving over the course of years.

3. Easy to Clean and Maintain:

Vertical blinds are quite convenient to install and easy to clean or maintain. These blinds prevent dust build-up.

4. Offers Solar Protection:

You will be able to enjoy good solar protection by installing the vertical blinds. By installing vertical blinds on the windows, you can prevent direct sunlight into your interior space. This will help you enjoy an energy efficient space.

5. Good Replacement:

If your current window treatments are starting to show signs of wear and age, then it is time to replace those with new and durable vertical blinds that will last long. By installing the vertical blinds, your home in Perth, WA will get a new and refreshing look and feel.

The vertical blinds are one of the best and economical window treatment options that is ideal for both formal and casual living. You can customize a top quality vertical blind in Perth at Gumtree Blinds that will offer a perfect and realistic solution for your large windows and sliding glass doors. We will offer you a broad collection of light filtering and block out fabrics to customize an eye-pleasing vertical blind that will complement your home decor. Contact us today at (08) 9309 2907 to get a free instant quote!

Top 4 Best Reasons To Consider Installation Of Vertical Blinds

November 26, 2016

Introducing Blinds: –

Roller blinds are durable and versatile window treatment alternative to any home with any home décor. Amongst all the varieties, vertical range of blinds bring elegant and stylish appearance for your home and allow you to control the amount of light entering your space. They are considered as very classy, sophisticated window treatments.

More often, we really don’t pay much attention to vertical blinds; though they are one of the most important things in our living space. These blinds are something that keeps you away from the sun while adding a great level of decoration to your living space. Instead of controlling amount of light entering your home, they can offer some additional advantages; which are discussed below:

Best Option For Large Windows: –

When making a purchase of roller blinds, especially vertical ones, you should decide which one will be suitable for your home by checking out the dimensions of your windows. You might have known that horizontal ones are appropriate option for smaller windows whereas a larger window might need some additional ability that the vertical roller blind has on offer. With the installation of these blinds, you can easily cover a large size window and can operate it smoothly.

Perfect Alternative To Your Damaged Window Treatments: –

If you find that your current window treatments are showing certain signs of wear and age, it might be time to consider installation of vertical roller blinds. Over the years of use, the high quality window treatments will eventually start to wear out. But you can upgrade and refresh the look and feel of your living space with vertical range of roller blinds.

Perfect Shield Against Harsh Sunlight: –

Another great reason behind choosing these blinds is that they have ability to provide a great range of protection against harsh solar radiation. When sunlight enter through your windows during the day time, the efficiency of HVAC system can be compromised. Besides, they can keep your interior space safe from direct emission of sunlight.

Cost Saving & Wide Availability Of Colors & Designs: –

Vertical roller blinds are available on the market in a wide range of qualities, décor and color options. Low cost fabrics made blinds make the affordable investment; however for a slight increase in price, attractive fabrics can make your home an appealing one complimenting your home décor. It’s well worth for nominal investment to go for something nicer fabrics and take the advantage that the blind has to offer.

Conclusion: –

Thinking to invest in roller blinds? Then consider purchasing vertical blinds from Gumtree Blinds; if you really keen on creating a beautiful living space to live! With just a reasonable cost, you can accomplish a desirable intent; which will definitely make an eye-catching window treatment option appreciating your home décor. Though our blinds are durable and flexible, we provide 5 year warranty on our products so that there’s not much wrong with our products.

If you really want to buy our maintenance free, stunning range of vertical blinds complementing your home decoration, please feel free to check out our huge range of products on our website or get in touch with us on (08) 9309 2907 and receive an instant, obligation free quote today! 

Outdoor Blinds – Yet Another Most Crucial Home Improvement Item

July 11, 2016
When it is about home decoration, a majority of people first think of improving their inner spaces, which makes good sense. After all, the indoors is the place where you spend the most of your time, so it is only natural that we tend to put a high priority on it when it comes to home improvements.
Of course, as everybody is aware, the indoor is not the only place where we spend time in our homes. For a lot of people, the exterior of the house carries almost equal significance as the interior. This is especially true during the hotter months of the year when people get the desire to reconnect with the nature.
While shopping for exterior décor pieces, the first thing that possibly comes to our head is outdoor furnishings, which includes things such as loungers, patio chairs and even enclosed terraces. Though these stuffs depicts the "essentials" when it is about outdoor furniture, there’re also several other things you can add to your houses that can make all the differences in how you relish them. One most effective improvement you can make to your patio area is the fitting of outdoor blinds Perth.
In much the same manner that indoor blinds offer privacy & defense from the elements, outdoor blinds achieve the same thing. These blinds are superb at offering an obstacle between you and the outdoors and assist to sieve sun rays during the hottest times of the day. In core, outdoor blinds can amplify the amount of serviceable square footage in your house by making the outside portions more practical.

Outdoor blinds are also ideal for canopies and gazebos. They can protect you from the outdoor elements while giving a touch of elegance. With numerous designs and patterns, they work truly well in both traditional or contemporary settings. Many units are also available with remote control facility for easy control. From opening to closing shades, you’ve the flexibility to regulate the blinds at your convenience.
Large windows and glass areas are also equally benefited from outdoor blinds. From perpendicular to parallel settings, these blinds will certainly accomplish your desired outcomes. Outdoor blinds also promote a healthier lifestyle by protecting the interior of your house from dust, dirt and other hidden particles.
If you are looking to get the best deal on your next outdoor blinds purchase, then the internet is possibly the best place to get started. The web is packed with manufacturers and suppliers. And by doing some research you will certainly come out with the most dependable service provider available.
Contact Gum Tree Blinds for a variety of Australian made outdoor blinds in Perth. To order, call us now at (08) 9309 2907.

Top Quality Outdoor Blinds for Ensuring Everyday Comfort

May 21, 2016

The market for exterior blinds in Perth WA is growing. Today customers are looking for quality solutions. It is found that most of the customers are in search for outdoor or exterior blinds that not only last in the harsh Australian environment but also provide protection in a stylish and functional way.

How and where the outdoor or exterior blinds can be used?

  • Windows: You can use outdoor blinds for windows, which will help in reducing energy consumption, regulate internal temperatures and controls light. As per their quality of construction allows the blinds to be highly durable, wind resistance and suitable for homes and high-rise buildings. 
  • Enclosing areas: For areas where full enclosure is desired, outdoor blinds prove to be the right solution. The outdoor or exterior blind is considered to be the best to protect outdoor leisure areas against sun, heat, glare, wind, rain and insects.
  • Balcony: your balcony or patio can be used in a proper way for leisure activities by installing exterior blinds. This will help in doing things in that area while enjoying great level of privacy.

Exterior blinds are effective for enclosing and outdoor areas as well as provides a good level of protection against sun, heat rain, wind and sun glare. With evolution of technology and manufacturing techniques, outdoor or exterior blinds are available with durable options.

How to get the best out from your outdoor or exterior blinds?

No doubt, exterior blinds are a great addition to any home in Perth WA, which are used to define and protect outside space such as deck and patio. This helps in using the space for doing leisure or entertaining activities. To get best from your blinds, it is important to select the right one by considering fabric type, color and purpose.

In case, you want to create an alfresco “outdoor room” in your backyard in Perth WA then a retractable outdoor or exterior blind is well worth. Today stylish and functional outdoor or exterior blinds are available that perfectly fit traditional to contemporary home. These types of blinds make a huge difference to the livability. Whether it your small courtyard to modern outdoor room, you can optimize the space by using exterior blinds. These types of blinds can create unified energy saving shading solutions for homeowners Perth WA who want an added outdoor room or private space at their patio.

Gumtree Blinds offers highly functional outdoor blinds in Perth WA that are made with top quality fabric, which will offer an optimum level of exterior shading solution as well as help you in optimizing your outdoor space. We are proud to be considered as the leaders in blind industry in Australia.

For more information, please visit our website or Call today at (08) 9309 2907 for Instant free quotes. For more details, stay social with us:

Elegant Vertical Blinds in Perth for your Home Renovation Project

April 24, 2016

Vertical blinds are considered to be one of the most popular window treatments, which are highly demanded by homeowners in WA for their home renovation project. Being capable of adding a design element to your home décor, vertical blinds at the same time helps in creating an energy efficient environment.

You can suitably install vertical blinds at large windows and sliding doors that will help in creating great design aesthetics as per the desire and requirement for renovating your home in Perth, WA. Among the homeowners, vertical blinds in Perth, WA are always featured on the top list of a home renovation project to get a simple, sleek and attractive furnishing for covering large floor-to-ceiling panes of glass. With a great operation feature, you can suitably adjust vertical blinds installed at your Perth, WA property for enjoying maximum privacy and more natural light as per the requirement.

In Western Australian markets, vertical blinds are available in countless colors and materials, which make them versatile furnishings for your home décor.

Wooden Vertical Blinds in Perth, WA:

You can add elegance to your home environment with wooden vertical blinds in Perth, WA, if the budget is not a concern. Some homeowners are seen widely opting for wooden vertical blinds in Perth, WA for covering their multiple windows or large areas to give an effect of audacity and sophistication to the property.

Metal Vertical Blinds in Perth, WA:

Made from an aluminum material metal vertical blinds won’t rust easily and can be easily cleaned and well maintained with a less effort. You can purchase metal vertical blinds as per the variety of colors and thicknesses.

Translucent PVC Vertical Blinds in Perth, WA:

PVC vertical blinds in Perth, WA are designed to be strong and durable as well as available in number of colors, thickness and translucency options that proves to be fit in a better way every buyers requirement and budget.

Fabric Vertical Blinds in Perth, WA:

Fabric vertical blinds in Perth at Gumtree Blinds are available in stunning range of options and colors that will offer a functional, stylish and attractive appearance to the home and will prove to be a perfect element of your home renovation project.

 Our free quotes are available for all areas of WA, Western Australia, Metro and county areas of Australia, which you can fill up by visiting today  

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